Christian Community Service

Christian Community Service

Jesus commanded, “Love each other as I have loved you.” From the beginning in the book of Acts, the Christian community has been a loving community that helps people in need. Compassion involves seeing the need of the person standing in front of you and then doing something about it. Holy Redeemer wants to be a compassionate community that serves the needs of people in the congregation and the community.

Holy Redeemer has joined with the other congregations in Dryden to form Linked Hearts. Through this ministry the congregations of Dryden pool their resources to care for those in need in our local community.

Holy Redeemer  supports the Love Fund that is used to help the members of our community when there is  a special need due to illness, unemployment or some other crisis.

Holy Redeemer supports The Refuge Homeless Shelter by helping with volunteers, and/or meals during the months of November through April.  Soon we may learn of additional needs of this organization which is coordinated in Lapeer and has undergone changes in the last couple of years.

Holy Redeemer also supports the Pregnancy Center of Lapeer with donations and a fund raising effort held from May through June.

There is a lot of caring for others at Holy Redeemer that takes place informally, but Christian Community Service encourages caring for one another in the life of the congregation.

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